Forget All The Golf Direction You've Ever Had


There's excessive golf direction. One golf website has more than 200,000 golf instruction videos on it. Too much detail merely makes it complicated. The VAGSE Method is created to offer you a simple 5 step pre shot routine which keeps your head clear. It will reduce your handicap by 5 shots regularly in a months’ time if you play weekly.


Step 1. Picture the shot.


Visualization puts a favorable image in your mind prior to hitting. A lot of all Pro Golfers envision each shot before hitting. Man Wilson who started training Lydia Ko from the first grade (the youngest Number # 1 ranked golf enthusiast of perpetuity - age 17) taught Lydia to envision each shot. Visualization takes your mind off the mechanics of your swing, and assists you unwind and pick the best shot. Start imagining on the practice tee along with the cracking green with each shot before hitting it. On the putting green, view the course of each 20 foot putt or less rolling in the cup. View longer putts stopping close to the hole.


Step 2. Align each shot before you take your position.


Focus on your target then imagine a line from your target back to your golf ball. Stroll to the side and take your position perpendicular to your ball and the spot you selected about a lawn in front of your ball. It might not look like you're lined up appropriately however that's just physics since the line looks different from a side view vs. the rear view in back of the ball. Check out this for further details about Golf .


Step 3.Grip. Keep your grip in between a 5 and 7 in pressure.


Here's an extremely basic grip test is: Take your stance and hold the club up high vertically in front of yourself and perpendicular to the ground. If the club slips down, your grip is too light. Generally on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the tightest, your grip must be between 5-7.


Step 4.Position.


Take your stance and ensure you've got the ideal ball position (i.e. Driver off the left heel, Five Iron from the middle of your stance to your left heel, or over your heart, and so on). When you first learned to play golf your pro need to have revealed you the appropriate position and taught you the best ball position for each club for a typical shot. It's typically something you've already decided on in Step 1 of the VAGSE technique when you initially imagine the shot.


That is, you know the distance, you understand which club you're going to strike, and you picture the shot in your head. Let your subconscious take over. When you set up your stance, you understand when you have the right stance since you'll feel great about it. If not take a step back and let your ideas clear. Think about a clear blue sky or a favorable idea. Do not let unfavorable ideas trouble you. Resume your alignment and stance once again. Focus on the back of the golf ball and make a simple swing as described in last Step 5 of the VAGSE Method.


Step 5. Swing Easy.


A lot of high handicap golf enthusiasts logically believe the harder they struck the ball the further it will go. Attempt not compelling or hitting the shot of your lifetime and focus on quickly controlling your swing and pace. Bear in mind to trust your ability as you've made comparable shots before.


Last Tip: Before making use of the VAGSE Method (Visualize - Allign - Grip - Stance - Easy) in a round go to the practice range and hit a minimum of a small pail making use of the VAGSE Method. Make certain you do this prior to the round - whether you wish to or not. It will loosen you up.